Please Sir, I want some more…

How on earth can we say that after all that we have been given already.. It sounds so ungrateful..

Allow me to explain, the last couple of days has seen our family inundated with gifts, help, and most of all encouragement!
From emails and prayers from friends and strangers, gifts of huge amounts of food for our family-flour, fruits, veges, even handcream for our dry and cracked skin, a man who drove 660km round trip to deliver a small VW truckload of lucerne hay-specially instructed to be fed to our cows only, (the milking cow is having a ball, thankyou sir!) to the 7 men who just left today after working their hearts out in 40+ temperatures to give us what we most desperately need right now.


These 7 men, and others drove as far as 5 hours to be with us for a few days, working as hard as men can to build what is becoming jokingly known as the biggest windmill in the southern hemisphere. 50 feet high, over a 1800 meter deep artesian bore.

We have had this bore for ever, but it has never been particularly useful, and flows only just enough water each day to give a drink to 46 cows. We have been carting water from our drying dams trying to give everyone a drink. But now, with this windmill, standing tall about our bore, still not fully equipped yet, but within 3 weeks at most, it will be providing enough water to slate the thirst of 500 plus head of cattle, plus sheep, and native wildlife such as kangaroos and emus.

Our house dam is now empty, and Dad is today working to change the supply to another dam, which is only slightly less dry, soon I will go out and get in a truck to cart water to more thirsty dying cattle, my sister will pick up and go to work mixing feed for the cattle in a hot and dusty shed-a long sweaty job, my little brother will pick up his rifle and go searching for cattle in distress. My brother in law is here, doing mechanical repairs that Dad does not have the time for at the moment

But for now, we are sitting, on the verandah in the shade, eating cake and biscuits made for us with so much love, laughing and sharing stories about the antics, the jokes, wondering at the gifts, our spirits are high, despite water and feed levels being so very low.

It is the most amazing thing to know, and to feel, that people we hardly know, care so much for us. They suffer with us, and celebrate with us too.

The Windmill standing tall in the sun, is going to be a permanent reminder of the love and affection given to us by these wonderful people, the ones who came and worked on it, sunburnt, hot, thirsty and sore, and those who sent gifts of food, cooked a meal for us, sent a letter or a card, or said a quick prayer for us.

So far the mill is bare, it has not yet got its wheel spinning around, but when it does..

It will pump hope up out of dry barren earth, and remind us forever of love from unlikely places..

When we stand and say, we want some more, it does not mean we are being greedy, because we are so full! But it simply means we look forward to the rain that will fall one day-hopefully soon, but until then, we find ourselves encouraged and energised to go and fight some more.

We are still in drought, and we are still struggling, and until it rains, our dams are still dry, our paddocks are still empty. There is so much work still to be done, but we are humbled by the help, and this is one little step towards preventing thirst in the future.

For now, we turn our faces to God, hold out our overflowing bowls, and say ‘Please Sir, we want some more… rain that is’


2 thoughts on “Please Sir, I want some more…

  1. Beautifully written. I feel so much hope for you out there just knowing that people are helping. Makes me feel better knowing this and I appreciate the many blessings you have all received. Keep your chin up and make that brother in law of yours work hard for his tucker. 😉
    Much love xx

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