Introducing… A new countrygirl!! :D

Well ladies and gents, Jillaroo and Rouseabout are rather proud to announce and present the first of what might be a series of guest posts, from friends and family.

Meet Breaker, our dear friend (even though she does live in New South Wales) One tough mudder, this countrygirl is going through drought in a different way to us. Often alone on her farm, with far too much work to be done, and too little time to do it in. And unlike Jill and Rousie she doesn’t have her family close by to help with all the work She is a expert horse handler, hence the tag line, Breaker, and we hope to make her a permanent contributor to our little space, so please make her feel welcome. Image



Hi everyone. My experience as a farmer is a little different from most. My husband and I didn’t inherit our land, but instead, are in the process of buying. It’s a struggle to get even a house of your own with today’s market, let alone buy a property (even a small one like ours) and try to fence, build a house, set up water, build yards and stock the property. My husband has put everything he has into making this work, he works away for over 2 weeks of the month, then works flat out on the property to try and make a dent in the mammoth job we have to get it going.

At the moment here its a full time job feeding livestock, checking fences and frantically watching the receding dam level…

There is no grass left, very little water and the long term forecast shows no rain for at least 6 months. To sell our livestock now would be making a huge loss, but to keep them would be a far greater loss. We have no back up water, so even if we could get feed, the water issue leaves us little options.

We hope like heck the rain comes soon, that would end our water issue, and we hope it ends the water issue for all farmers. But it won’t end the feed issue, not quickly.

Even if we get 4 inches of rain tomorrow, there will still be no feed, and we will have to continue to provide feed. And a week after that, when all the green pick starts coming through, most of the animals will lose even more weight as they run around trying to get all the new shoots of grass to restore the vitamins lost during the drought. There’s no quick fix for a long, heart wrenching drought. But some good steady rain to soak the ground and fill the dams would end this week beautifully



One thought on “Introducing… A new countrygirl!! :D

  1. Hi Breaker, Thanks for being brave enough to share. Buying and building up your own farm from scratch brings a different array of challenges with it. Especially as conditions are today. But great things are done in small steps and I am sure the jouney will be worth it.

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