Save the Working dog in Victoria!

<a href="Save the Working Dog in Victoria Petition | GoPetition” title=”Save the Working dog in Victoria!”>Save the Working dog in Victoria!

Working dogs are iconic, they are Australian, and they are an irreplaceable part of farm life.

What a dog can do on four paws is more than a man on horse or bike can achieve and I know on our farm with our 9 working dogs, they are more valuable than words can express.

We love our canine mates and care for them deeply. The training Dad puts into them, the love he lavishes them with. If nothing else, the company they give us while we are doing lonely jobs on the farm-the value is above words!

And now, I have been made aware of a new ‘code of practice’ that legislates against us in so many ways! These laws if they come into effect will make criminals of every man who uses the loyal kelpie to muster his stock! It will affect the welfare of dogs in rural Aus, and destroy an icon.

Right now, they are only talking Victoria, but how long before this takes over Australia? sign and share this petition for the sake of the working dog in our country.




2 thoughts on “Save the Working dog in Victoria!

  1. How ridiculous! I often cite that on average, working dogs are probably cared for better than a lot of house dogs! They are fed properly as they are athletes and they have other dogs to hang out with. So many house dogs are overweight and left in their yard by themselves once their owners get bored of them.

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