Breaking Even

Did you know that a bed in a private hospital costs $1200 per night?
And that intensive care beds cost even more? That the anesthetist for
a single surgery can cost over $2500?
What about the idea that the public health care system can sometimes
not set a broken leg for up to a week after the accident?
How about that farm work is considered one of Australias most
dangerous professions?
And what about private health cover? Income replacement insurance?
Private health cover was not something that I thought I could afford,
in fact I can still think of so many better ways to spend $150 per
month, or better still, not spend it at all! But the fact is, had I
not given in to the pressure from my parents and taken out a medium
level cover, with extras, a mere couple of months before my fall from
the horse, I would now either not have a leg, or be facing a bill
equivalent to buying a brand new car.
I thought private health cover was expensive, in fact, I can now pay
into that fund for 20 years, and not pay back what they spent fixing
me. I am the first person to recognize that what happened to me was a
freak accident, I have had horses fall on me in the exact same way so
many times, and never so much as sprained an ankle! And I know many
people pay into insurances for many years, and never make a single
claim! But that one time that it ended with a serious injury, or even
the chance that it might end in serious injury makes owning a policy
so much more worth it.
How easily my $40,000 hospital bill could have been $100,000, or even
higher! I don’t know many people who have that kind of money stowed
away that they can afford to spend in one hit like that.
One of the things that happened to me while I was in hospital, was the
accounts lady came to visit me, holding a $32,000 bill, and asked me
what method I was going to use to pay it, and could she have my credit
card details. I was terrified, emotional, a very long way from home,
and alone. What a blessing that I was able to tell her [albeit through
tears] that I had private health, and thought they were paying for it,
she apologized and sorted out the mix-up immediately.
During a drought or tough financial time, insurance is often the first
thing that gets cut from the budget, but if we are honest with
ourselves, can we really afford to not have it?
I know, for me personally, and my family, insurance will be the last
thing cut from my budget, whilst ever I remain working or living on
the land.
I sure hope it is for you too.




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