Isolation versus isolation.

Loads of people ask me how I ‘cope’ living so far from civilisation and on a farm surround by nothing but animals, how terribly isolated you are they say..

Well, I guess so in some ways yes, we are isolated. There is no mobile phone service, the internet is shocking, drops out all the time, and is basically useless for anything that requires a high speed connection, it’s also very expensive. Our TV is satellite based, and to be honest we don’t watch that much of it. We don’t go to the cinema, and I haven’t seen the latest release film.
I don’t even fully understand the ‘coffee culture’ of the cities, go to a coffee club to hang with friends, when you can stay home and make your own, and have cake too? 😜

Yes, I guess I am isolated…

But then, my friend the Kiwi sent me something he had written, during a ‘meh moment’ as he calls it, and strangely enough, he explains why I never NEVER feel isolated, in a way I really honestly couldn’t explain.

Now I remember a few of you requested to hear more of Kiwi last time he wrote, so here it is.. (But don’t tell him it’s here, coz I didn’t ask permission first!) 😜😈


You can still feel incredibly lonely being surrounded by 1.4million people.
All too often we attach ourselves to the most fickle of relationships which are based on looks, style, money and activities.
The true tragedy is that, whenever someone delves into any questions along the lines: “hey what about life” we’ll revert back to those materials that we think our lives are all about.

Is it because we see too much glass, metal and concrete? Manufacturing and adverts? Bank balances and transactions?
What ever happened to living for the sake of living? Seeing life through the eyes of a new born? Or time through the eyes of those that have spent the most of it?
Why is more lessons learnt through TV & the internet than through books, human interaction and observation?
Why is it, that the more connected we are to “information”, the further we move away from each other?

Life it seems is quickly turning into nothing more than being an object signalling and self-sustaining processes a chemical or electrical process.
Robots who receive instructions with perceived expectations that they draw up because living becomes no more than the ease of which they create and maintain symbolic materials with no base value.
Value… somewhere in the deep recesses of our brain we know what is truly valuable: Time, Relationships & Love. Having plenty of all 3 we know would make a person feel incredibly happy.
We all seek it and yet, we don’t long for it nearly as much as we used to.
If we feel we lack in one, we’ll kid ourselves in thinking that material things will fill in as a substitute?
Why do we not use these things to complement life?
People will often look at the tools of which we complement our lives and shift the focus away from life itself and this is exactly what we’re doing.
Life is more than obtaining more mechanisms in which we can advertise ourselves or keep ourselves occupied. Yes, we need some in order to actually stay alive but, you have to admit, the world is getting worse.
Those that have the material want more and those that are removed enough from it simply want to live. And yet we, those that have it are unwilling to share because we are unwilling to care which is because we are unwilling to see.
What is it about a holiday that helps you reset, feel more human and more connected?
Is it the computers and mobiles that you surround yourself with? -If there was no one willing to interact with you on the other end; just how long do you think you want to keep using them?
Is it the clothing, accessories or body art that you style yourself in? -If there was no one there to appreciate it, is there really any point?
If you had a house with nothing to connect with, nothing to love… For how long could you stand the silence?

It’s amazing how easy it is to see just how much more there is to see once you remove yourself from the lights.
A day in the country with the right people does make you think “Have we stamped life out?”
What is it about seeing life grow, die and move that warms the heart?
If you were to become society’s primary producer, would you, like a parent tending to a child, feel a greater satisfaction that you’re directly helping your fellow men grow?
Would you, having hundreds, if not thousands of living creatures directly under your care feel a deep appreciation and strong connection to life itself?
How would you feel if the whole outside world shut you out, and tried stamping out everything that you know and hold dear?
No, as someone that has experienced it and wants in, I can tell you now that throwing them out is not an option and how dare we try and disconnect those that are closest to the true nature of life.

If you haven’t yet, head out for 1 round of life on a farm.
As for me, I’m ready for round 2.




One thought on “Isolation versus isolation.

  1. Too true … I feel more isolated living in a city now then I ever did living 3 hrs from town or than I ever did living in a small town. To fill the void I use technology hoping to feel love through it but it doesn’t happen, you can’t get love, belonging and meaningful experiences through a computer or ipad or whatever other things are used out there but you do get them from people, from being part of something, from being in the moment and from living life.

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