Media Misconceptions

We as landowners seem to always struggle when we watch the news, if they aren’t talking about our desperate plight in the current drought situation, then we wish they were. 

And if they are talking about it, they seem to always be getting it just a tiny bit wrong.
How do I mean? well take the latest rain reporting for example.
To begin with the national disaster of this massive drought we are currently experiencing in most of QLD and NSW at this present time is hardly in the media compared to other stories, then for several days prior to the rain event, you know the one that was supposed to be record rainfall for all concerned there was a large amount on the news and TV about the drought and its devastation, but not to worry people-Its going to rain this weekend and everything will be fine.

Of course the reports included relieved looking farmers and graziers who have been waiting for years for the rain to fall, and it was all very hopeful.

Sadly however, for many the expected rainfall, and the actual rainfall did not match up and now many are sitting back devastated about the 2-3 inches that did not fall. For some, the tiny amount of rain which did fall, as little as 5mm in some areas, did more damage than good being followed by frosts and cold weather.

But do we see the follow up reports on the 7:30 report about how things did not quite go as well as hoped? Well no of course not. The media has moved on. Now I am not saying this is all bad, and to a certain extent its completely understandable.

But what we the public needs to be aware of is that the whole story is not always told on the TV, and to always look further afield to see the full story.

The drought isn’t broken, and realistically, nobody thought it would be by a single rainfall in August. The hope was there, but the reality is harsh. More rain is always needed.

But on the plus side, our family farm has been lucky to score a gorgeous 44mm of rain, and we are going to do ok for a while-not forever mind you, but for a little while. And hopefully with follow up rain in September/October we will have an ‘OK’ summer.

Now, please don’t think this a rant against the media, no its not, not in any way. I mean, really I am so grateful for the media-without whom you would not be reading this now would you? But I do recommend, if you personally don’t feel like the whole story is being told, get out there, get a blog or website, and start telling YOUR STORY! Its easy, trust me-if it wasn’t, I the biggest blonde in the history of blonde cowgirls, would not be talking to you now!

xo Jillaroo


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