This blog has been created by three country girls living on their  farms. One lives on a cattle station with her family (The Jillaroo) one on a sheep property with her family (The Rouseabout) both in SW Queensland, and one lives on her own property with her husband who works away 2 weeks of the month (Breaker) who is in Northern NSW. We are the best of friends.

The initial purpose of the blog was to raise a bit of awareness for farmers in drought, there are so many out there who don’t understand how deeply it affects us and we hope to change that. But after only two days of blogging and only two posts, we have already had such an awesome response that I think we’re just going to keep going with it and let people know what life in general is like in the country!

We’re planning on posting about our adventures on the farm, explaining about our different jobs and why we do them, interesting happenings and pretty much anything else which pops into our heads. Hope you enjoy it.

So much for only putting timeless information on this page, this’ll all have to be changed next week 😛

You can email us via the feedback form or send us an email at countrygirlsoutandabout@outlook.com

or follow us on Facebook at Countrygirls out and about


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Jillaroo – there is no contact us information on your blog. If I wanted to email you, how would I? Also, I think you mentioned a Facebook page or a website, but I couldn’t see them. I shared your blog on my Facebook group, but would like to know more. I am very touched by your writings and I am a city girl who knows nothing about this life you describe.

  2. Thankyou so much for letting us know what our Aussie farmer is going through at the moment it was very emotional for me to read i re-read it to my 16 year old and we both had a tear, we have shared the story and following your blog, i am a city girl but have always been interested in country life and supporting our Aussie farmers especially after an experience with a fodder drive as a child and the education that came along with that community and city involvement seeing people come together to get feed to the animals and remembering the news event that the drought sparked and i am now in disbelief that we have heard nothing on the news about this, i am in Perth and maybe we have not been kept up to date with interstate news, but i am truly devastated this is happening to your family and fellow farmers, we were sad about Lolli as we are big animal people and could understand what a terrible position you were in, thoughts go to you your sister and family, HUGS.

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